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Being a Hands on Harps Associated Teacher:

Anyone who buys or hires (min 12 months) 3 harps from us becomes an Associated Teacher and gets 15% off that transaction and any further purchases for life. The discount is also available retrospectively-if you buy 2 harps first then you get 15% of the value of all three harps off the purchase of a third.

Associated Teachers will also be able to list themselves on our website and post on our Facebook and Instagram pages. For those that want to be publicly associated with Hands on Harps there will also be the opportunity to piggy back on our brand, with posters and marketing materials available for the set-up of local groups, in a similar vein to Rock Choir. Associated Teachers will also be able to access our extensive bank of teaching resources. The aim is to create a network of harp teachers who all benefit from nationwide marketing and promotion under the Hands on Harps brand.

Teachers can then sell or hire the harps to students at the RRP, essentially receiving a 15% “commission” for recommending our harps.

How to apply:

If you’d like to know more about our associated teacher scheme, please get in touch with or call us on 07871 384257

Terms and Conditions:

To qualify for the discount a teacher or association needs to buy or hire 3 or more harps. This doesn’t need to be in one transaction e.g. someone who buys 2 harps at full price will get 15% of the value of those harps deducted of the purchase of a third, which will itself attract the discount.

The discount applies to all models of Hands on Harps’ harps, and also bags. It will not apply to shipping or deposits.

Minimum hire period to qualify for discount 12 months per harp, or 36 months in total. After hiring harps for a total of 36 months (for example 6 harps for 6 months, or 1 harp for 36 months) you are then entitled to a refund of 15% of all hire payments paid, not including deposits. Subsequent hire attracts 15% off.

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