We’re excited to announce a new sustainability partnership with Zellar. We’re using their platform to reduce our emissions even more.

We went Carbon Neutral in 2019, and with the guidance of Zellar we’re working towards Net Zero.

“What’s the difference?” I hear you ask.

Carbon neutral refers to a policy of not increasing carbon emissions and of achieving carbon reduction through offsets. While net zero carbon means making changes to reduce carbon emissions to the lowest amount – and offsetting as a last resort.

We’re in between the two. We’ve already taken several steps to reduce our emissions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, so it’s not just the case that we’re simply doing business the dirty way and then paying our way out of it with offsets, but there is still more we can do to reduce our footprint. With the guidance of Zellar we’ve made some simple improvements to our heating system and we’re diving deeper into our supply chain to make the best decisions we can there.

We’ve also triple-offset our leftover emissions. With Zellar’s dashboard we calculated 1,234 (honestly!) kg of emissions from our company. This is good news, it was 2,270 when I did the calculations back in 2019, so we’re moving in the right direction!

We bought 2 tonnes (2000kg) of offset to support Toms Wood in Yorkshire. This tree planting project includes birch and sycamore, 2 of the woods that we make our harps out of, so it felt like a good fit.

We also offset 2 tonnes (2000kg) of carbon with a sustainable forestry project in Uruguay, converting degraded grazing land to sustainable and high value timber production. As well as sucking CO2 out of the air, this also provides jobs for local people.