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We have made this Deluxe model for the harpist who is no longer a beginner and wants an instrument that fits with the progression they’ve been making on the instrument. We listened to harpists and harp teachers and our team of luthiers put their passion and experience together to build what we hope you agree is a spectacular harp.

Hand-chosen FSC® sycamore forms the neck and pillar, meaning that each harp has it’s own fingerprint, often with rippling to complement the grain.

Our lightweight FSC® birch soundbox projects a bright and beautiful tone.

Aircraft birch plywood is used for the soundboard. This modern material has an incredible strength to weight ratio, meaning that it is light enough to project the vibrations of the strings while strong enough to withstand the high string tension needed to allow the harp to ring out beautifully.

Industry standard Camac levers used for reliable, accurate semitone changes.

Our traditional tapered tuning pins come from Argent Fox in USA.

Photos credit Jeremy Prout

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Did you know that when you buy one of our harps, the cost includes a lifetime half price subscription to our video lessons (£10 per month instead of £20).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

If you have purchased a harp and have a voucher for a free period of lessons,
please email your voucher code to [email protected] to redeem it

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