Is the course designed for adults or for children?

Both! The speed of the course is such that it suits both children and adults. For younger children we do recommend having an adult help them, especially with motivation. One thing you don’t get from our course is the knowledge that your teacher will be disappointed in you if you haven’t practiced, but this needn’t be a problem if the person learning is motivated in themselves.

Do I need to be able to read music?

Not at all. The first year of the course is entirely done by show and copy, and the rest of the course can be done without reading music if you don’t want to learn to.

Will I learn to read music?

If you want to, then over the second and third years of the course we’ll show you how to read music, so that when you graduate from the course you’ll be able to continue learning new songs. This is not essential though, many great musicians don’t read music (Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Pavarotti, Hans Zimmerman, Irving Berlin and plenty more) You’ll also learn how to learn songs by ear, which is a much more instinctive way of playing.

How do I get feedback from the tutor on my playing?

The simplest way is to email any questions or struggles you have to our harp tutor Morwennna. You can also send videos or arrange Skype or telephone sessions if you want her to be able to see or hear what’s going on. Morwenna’s email address is

Can I get a discount for buying a harp after renting it during the course?

Yes. If you want to buy the harp after renting for 1 or more years you get 25% off the price of the harp for each year you have rented it. After the 3 year course you can just forfeit your deposit and you own the harp!

Where can I find my subscription details?

You subscription details can be found under the MyAccount menu option, in the Subscriptions section.

If you subscribed before March 2019, then follow the link in the Subscriptions section under ‘Not seeing your subscription here?’ named “find your subscriptions on our old subscriptions page here.

Will my new harp be "settled"?

When strings are put on a new harp, it takes weeks of tuning while the strings stretch and the wood settles before the harp can hold it’s tune. For a beginner or even an experienced harper, this can be frustrating as tuning a harp is difficult when you’re first learning. Many harps, especially towards the cheaper end of the market, are sent out with strings that still have plenty of stretch in them, which can be a frustrating experience for the excited new harp owner.

It’s our policy to hold on to harps for 4 weeks after they’re strung and tune them around 40 times during that period. We’ve done it loads, so we’ve gotten fast at it. When the harp reaches you it should be pretty much stable. It’ll still need regular tuning, all harps do, but you shouldn’t have the experience of sitting down to a harp that was tuned yesterday to hear it sounding awful.

Of course if you want your harp in a hurry for any reason and are happy to settle it yourself then let us know as we can do that too. I try to email every customer who places an order with an approximate date their harp will be ready-of course many have already corresponded before placing their order. Get in touch if you’d like to find out what our current lead time is.

Will I get my deposit back if I return my harp?

As long as you haven’t done any moderate or major damage to it and include your tuner, then you’ll get your deposit back in full shortly after you return your harp. It’s a deposit rather than an “initial payment” or “setting up fee”. Minor marks that we can sand out easily and fair wear and tear on the harp is acceptable.

If you aren’t able to return your tuner then we will deduct £8 from your deposit.

When will I get my Harp? (shipping details)

We can have up to a 3 month lead time on new harps, and this varies considerably. Sometimes we have them in stock.

We use a courier to ship our harps using a 2 day service.  We ship to your home address.  Please check product pages for current shipping charges.

When your harp is ready it will be packaged and dispatched on a Tuesday via Parcel Force’s 48 hour service (at time of writing their 24 hour service is unavailable due to the pandemic).  Unless otherwise requested, harps are delivered on Thursdays. You’ll be sent an email with details of how to track your harp.

Please Contact Us for more details and to find out when you might expect to receive your harp after ordering.

If you have purchased a harp and have a voucher for a free period of lessons,
please email your voucher code to to redeem it