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We’re having a party!

Since coming back from our travels and setting up Hands on Harps in September 2013, we're happy to announce that we've now made 100 harps! Through plenty of blood, sweat, tears, loads of mistakes, celebrations and lessons, we've honed the…

Lessons on how to play

Harp Lessons Making the harp accessible and affordable for everyone Many people see the harp as a beautiful, heavenly instrument, out of reach of us mere mortals. The same price as a family car and surely complicated to play right?…

Community Harp Orchestra

Anyone can join our harp orchestra-complete beginners welcome. We perform all sorts of gigs and concerts

Sample lesson

Sample lesson So what’s it like learning to play the harp through videos? Here is a sample video teaching you how to play the first part of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. This is a video for complete beginners, and you…

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