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harp on garden bench

Harp hire is the perfect way to “dip your toe in the water” and find out if the harp is right for you. You don’t have to pay the large upfront cost of buying the harp, and if/when you decide you are ready to buy it then just get in touch and we’ll let you know how much discount you’ve built up by hiring it and what the outstanding balance to own it is.

Some people start their journey by hiring an unlevered harp. There’s plenty of music you can play on a harp like this, and it’s more affordable than one with levers. Then when you know that the harp is right for you, you can use any accrued discount to buy a levered harp. We can even put levers on the harp you’ve already fallen in love with!

You can hire a Morwenna Rose 27 String Celtic Harp for just £38.00 a month (£46.00 for partial levered harp or £51.00 for fully levered), with a refundable deposit of £100 and p&p of £80. Hiring a harp from us gives you £10 off the monthly cost of a subscription to our video harp lesson course.

After 1 year of hire you can choose to buy the harp for 75% of the retail price

After 2 years of hire you can choose to buy the harp for 50% of the retail price

After 3 years of hire simply forfeit your deposit and you own the harp!

Have a look here for the full terms and conditions

If you have purchased a harp and have a voucher for a free period of lessons,
please email your voucher code to to redeem it

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