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We think that the traditional way to learn to play harp, i.e. weekly or fortnightly lessons, is not only unnecessarily expensive, but also not the best way to learn.

You can join our subscription web site for just £20 a month, or £40 a month if you also rent a harp from us (plus deposit and p&p). For this you get ongoing access to online video lessons which you can watch whenever suits you. You’ll start off with videos showing you how to play simple songs and exercises, and each month you’ll build on what you’ve learned to progressively harder songs and techniques. The course will teach you all you need to be a self sufficient intermediate harper.

You’ll learn to:

Sample lesson: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  • Tune your harp
  • Play a wide variety of pieces, including traditional Celtic classics, modern pop songs, Christmas carols, children’s songs and many other genres
  • Learn a melody by ear
  • Create your own accompaniment to the melody with your second hand
  • Write your own music
  • If you want to, you’ll learn how to read music, although it is also possible to go through the course without this if you choose-many of the best musicians don’t read music!
  • Play chords to accompany singing
  • Play in different keys

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If you have purchased a harp and have a voucher for a free period of lessons, please email your voucher code to [email protected] to redeem it

What our customers say:

“Hands on Harps is a brilliant way of teaching what at first seems a very difficult instrument to learn. The weekly lessons have all the benefits you would have with a traditional teacher with handy hints and tips but you are also provided with videos. The videos break down the learning and mean you can learn at your own pace, furthermore you can fit the videos around your busy lifestyle. I would recommend Hands on Harps to anyone who wants to start learning the harp”. Katherine Newman

“The harp is beautiful, I am enjoying the lessons so much” Dafyyd Rogers

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