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Once again the group impressed me with their progress. Normally as a music teacher when you ask students to practice you know they probably will not find the time, but I could tell how well the group had practiced over the week and was very impressed indeed! Lee who is making his own harp in the Nailsworth Community Workshop had even gone on to practice extra tunes he is transposing from his Lyre! (I feel a solo coming on!)

This week we learned Planxty George which is an old Irish tune. The group took to it very quickly and it was sounding smooth already by the end of the session. We also started Sally Gardens which was a bit of a brain teaser but is coming along really nicely.

We had a new member to our group this week 7 year old Chandria who joined her mum Linhwei. She did very well to come in and join the adults. It’s great to have an expanding age range in the orchestra!

The proof is in the pudding so have a look at this week’s videos to see what we got up to!

Planxty George

The start of Sally Gardens


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