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We are sad to say that we have cancelled the booked date for the retreat due to lack of interest.

If you would like to hear about if and when we run the composition retreat in the future, then please email

“I’ve always found the blank four walls of my study the most un-inspiring place, yet to be in nature awakens the creative spark. I tried to sneak off to a beautiful secluded place in nature, but no matter where I went, be it in the forest, on a mountain top, my own garden or a cave on the beach, eventually someone would find me and start listening. Suddenly my creative process was halted and I was putting on a show. Once I even climbed a rockface with my little harp and low and behold, some climbers heard me and found me.

I yearned for a simple retreat, a place where we harpers can play in a beautiful place and not be interrupted.”

A weekend away with your harp in the peaceful Cotswolds.

The Hill House Harp Composition Retreat is simply a chance for you to take your harp somewhere beautiful and inspiring, away from the distractions and interruptions of everyday life. A chance to dedicate yourself to composing your own music.

Like writers go away on writing retreats, we would like to offer harpists and harpers the chance to carve out some one-to-one time with their instrument and their creative process.

Hill House, a much loved family home, is being developed as a rest and retreat venue in particular for refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of trafficking or torture. The income generated by profit-making workshops such as this one supports this philanthropic work.

Hill House is a rustic and charming country home in an area of outstanding natural beauty. It has a beautiful ambling garden with sweeping views, where you can find a quiet creative spot when the weather permits.

We are limiting the numbers to 8 so that if the weather is poor, there will still be sufficient space for everyone to have a separate room (5 bedrooms, a music room, a lounge and a study) to compose in undisturbed.

Loose Schedule (with composition time whenever the mood takes you)


From 3 pm: Arrival, unpack, explore the facilities, land

7 pm: Evening meal in the Black Horse Inn, Amberley



9 am: Optional morning walk

7-11 am: Breakfast available

Midday-4 pm: Lunch available

7 pm: Evening meal in the Black Horse Inn, Amberly

8:30 pm: Optional social evening fire in garden if weather is fine. Or fire in living room if it’s raining



9 am: Optional morning walk

7-11 am: Breakfast available

Midday-3 pm: Lunch available

3 pm: Closing drinks and option to share our work


This retreat aims to be casual and loosely held so you can work with your own creative rhythms and process.


Continental breakfast will be available from 7-11 am.

Rustic sourdough bread, spreads, local cheeses and salad ingredients will be available for you to make yourself lunch between midday and 4 pm.

The evening meal will be in the local pub The Black Horse. (You can opt out of the evening meal if you prefer, the kitchen will be available for self-catering if needed).

Please let us know if you have any food restrictions or allergies.


Our first retreat is 26th-28th May 2023. Numbers are limited, so to reserve a space please email


Double room to self                                                             £390
Double room between 2 people coming together          £590 (£295 each)
Twin Room, shared                                                               £330
Non-harping*                                                                        £260

*sharing a double or twin room with harping partner or friend

We ask for a £50 deposit to book your space, with the balance due before the event. If you wish to cancel and do so more than 2 weeks before the event you’ll get this deposit back, if you cancel within 2 weeks of the event then you won’t.

Disclaimer: This workshop will run subject to minimum attendance, confirmed at least 2 weeks before the event. If the retreat is cancelled for any reason, anyone booked will have the option of carrying their booking over to another session or receiving a full refund.

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