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It is said that the Himba tribe in Namibia do not count the first day of a child’s existence as the day it is born but the day the mother receives inspiration for their birth song. This is in some cases before the child is even conceived. Once the song is “received” it is then sang during conception, throughout gestation and at the birth. This song then stays with the child much like their name, and accompanies them on their journey through life. It is sang at birthdays, wedding, coming of age ceremonies and when the child has done wrong.

Although there is some debate on whether or not they do all actually do this ritual, it is a powerful idea that has inspired me to try it. There is also substantial evidence to suggest that when a baby hears the same melody in the womb many times they recognise it and are soothed by it once they have been born.

I will keep posting bits from my diary during this process over the coming weeks and I will let you know if baby recognises the melody once they are born.

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