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Life Song Course

It has been proven that when human foetuses are regularly exposed to a melody while they are developing in the womb, they will recognise and be soothed by that same song after arrival into this world.

There is a tribe in Namibia that have held this wisdom long before it was proven by scientists. The Himba tribe consider the first day of connection to their babies to be the day the mother receives inspiration for the unborn, and in some cases not yet conceived, baby’s life song. Their life song is as much part of their identity as their name.

This melody is sang or played regularly to the developing foetus, it is sang at the birth of the child and at any significant celebrations thereafter such as birthdays and weddings. When the child has done something very wrong, the tribe will gather round and sing them their life song, not as punishment but to remind them of who they truly are. It is also played at their funeral.

As a musician this notion is a very powerful one to me, and has inspired me to write our unborn child a lullaby that they will carry with them as a sense of comfort and belonging throughout the incredible journey of life.
The harp is often referred to as the instrument of the angels and, having seen the therapeutic effect it has had on those I have worked with over the years of my career in care, I cannot deny that there is something very special about the sounds the harp produces.

I am now the proud and besotted mother of our beautiful baby boy Django Arthur who was born on the 10th of October 2015. I found the life song was such an important part of my pregnancy and the bonding process with my developing baby. The simple act of setting aside just a short amount of time each day to think of and connect with the precious little person growing inside me was invaluable. If it was not for the life song I think the busyness of life would have robbed me of the chance to take time each day and connect with him.

would like to enable others to create life songs for the ones that will soon come in to their lives, or those that already have. This is something that doesn’t have to apply to babies only, but for other loved ones or one’s self.

I believe that we all have music in us and that you do not have to have ever touched a musical instrument, let alone a harp, to compose a song. You do not need to be able to read music, and even if you think you are tone deaf I’m sure you will soon see that sometimes you just need to let yourself find the music.

As writing music can take different amounts of time for different people we run an intensive weekend which will teach you all you need to compose a song. Then we give you the opportunity to hire a harp and take it home with you so you can wait for inspiration to come to you and find your creative space. Then when you return the harp we offer the opportunity to record your song and send it to you as an mp3 so you can burn as many copies as you wish to CD at home and it will be safely stored online so it will never get lost or damaged.

Some people will choose to only do the intensive weekend, other may want the time to meditate a bit more on their life song and therefore take a harp home with them. Most people who are not purchasing a harp choose to record their song but again you can pick and choose which parts of the life song package suit you.

Pricing: weekend course: £300
Weekly harp rental: £10 per week (see harp hire for Ts and Cs)
Recording session £150
Full board accommodation (subject to availability) £90 for 2 nights
20% off all of above available with the purchase a harp.
If you would like to know more about the course please contact me on 07871 384257 or email

If you have purchased a harp and have a voucher for a free period of lessons,
please email your voucher code to to redeem it

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