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We also run a micro-publishing house (so small it resides in our house and doesn’t have it’s own website)

These books were all written and illustrated by Morwenna.

What the Animals Did

A children’s book about what the animals got up to while all the humans were stuck inside during lockdown. Sheep on the seesaws, bears riding bicycles, whatever else did they get up to?!

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Lilly’s Lockdown

Lilly loves her school and visiting her local park. She’s sad when her dad tells her that everyone has to stay in. When he comes home with the good news that they’re allowed to go outside again, he tells her that she can only go out with a mask. She doesn’t like it, but can her Grandma Jean win her round with her different way of looking at the world?

Currently only available as an eBook, watch this space for a print version.

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A lonely beast, jealous of the villagers who laugh and have fun with each other, mixes up a cloud of magic dust which he throws into the wind to confine people to their homes. Will the villagers’ love for each other see them through this dark and difficult time? And what will happen when the dust is gone?

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