Due to high demand we’ve run out of Morwenna Rose Mark 1s. We’re busy beavering away in the workshop, have built (and already sold/rented) 6 improved prototypes. Our first batch of 6 Morwenna Rose Mark 2s will become available near the end of March. They’ll be worth the wait-we’ve made them sound even better than before.

“The Morwenna Rose harp I played seemed to me very good indeed: compact and unfussy in design, very nicely constructed, light to carry and hold, and most importantly with a clear, bright sound that made it a pleasure to play. Outstanding value – and they are handmade in England!” – David Jacob before purchase

“The harp sounds fabulous, looks great and it is a pleasure to play. It can really hold its own against other instruments indoors or out. Have you tried playing one outdoors on a breezy day? – the Aeolian harp effect of the wind blowing the strings was amazing this afternoon when I was playing in the garden.” – David Jacob after purchase

If you have purchased a harp and have a voucher for a free period of lessons,
please email your voucher code to info@handsonharps.com to redeem it