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Drink and Plink Summer Term



Complete beginners welcome!

This is a laid back session, we’re just trying to get people playing the harp. Morwenna can cater for a wide range of abilities, so whether you’ve never plucked a string before, play another instrument or even already play the harp a bit, come along and learn a tune at Stroud Brewery on Thursday evenings.

A different tune each week. Beginners will learn just the melody, more advanced players can learn an accompaniment appropriate to their skill level to go with it.

Just £2 if you have (bought or rented) one of our harps

£5 if you bring along your own harp

£7 if you need us to bring a harp for you

Everyone also needs to buy at least one drink (but then why wouldn’t you?)


Need to buy or rent a harp from us? You can do that from here

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