Morwenna Rose Levered Harp


Our fully levered 27 string Morwenna Rose is hand crafted to give a bright, lively tone with the added flexibility and convenience of levers on your harp



Once you’ve been playing a while, or if you come to the harp with knowledge of other instruments, you may want the flexibility and convenience of levers on your harp.  We can put levers on our harps at a price of £15 per lever.  We use Camac Harp Levers.  There are cheaper options out there, but we have found that they tend to “buzz” and not ring as well as these.

A fully levered Morwenna Rose harp costs £990.00.  If you would like the flexibility of some of the levers, but at a lower price, you could choose to have a partially levered harp.  As an example, a partially levered harp with levers on the Cs, Fs and Bs would cost £790.00 and allows you to easily switch between the major keys of C, G, D and F (and their relative minors).

You can hire a fully levered harp for £48 per month or partially levered for £43 per month , subject to the same terms and conditions as unlevered harps

If you’ve bought an unlevered harp and want us to put levers on it, this can be arranged.  We can also supply levers for £10 each if you’re feeling brave and want to fit them yourself.

Please contact us to find out more or enquire about different lever configurations.

(Photos credit Jeremy Prout)

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Did you know that when you buy one of our harps, the cost includes a lifetime half price subscription to our video lessons (£10 per month instead of £20).

If you have purchased a harp and have a voucher for a free period of lessons,
please email your voucher code to [email protected] to redeem it

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