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Morwenna Rose Harp Hire Subscription Old Price Pre-March 2022

£35.00 / month

Hire a hand crafted 27 string Morwenna Rose Harp


Hire a 27 string Morwenna Rose Harp

Subscribe to get one of our hand crafted harps made in our workshop in Woodchester out of high-quality Sycamore timber and layered Birch. It has a bright, lively tone and a beautiful gloss finish, and it is the result of over 7 years and 200 harps’ worth of experience

Includes everything a beginner needs to get started:

  • Non-levered Morwenna Rose Harp
  • 27 Strings
  • Tuning Key
  • Harp Case Included

See the Morwenna Rose page for full details of this lovely harp.

Please review our Terms of Service for details of the hire agreement.

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