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Partially Levered Morwenna Rose 60


Ex-hire 27 string Morwenna Rose harp in reasonable condition.

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This is an ex-hire 27 string Morwenna Rose harp. It is in reasonable condition with quite a few scuffs and dents in the veneer, though no structural damage.

Originally made in July 2016 when we were renting a bench at Nailsworth Community Workshop, this was one of the first harps that Hannah and Charlie made with us when they arrived fresh from their luthiery training. Unfortunately, this was before we put feet on the bottom of the harp, so the bottom sides of the veneer have been fairly damaged. We have since put feet on this harp.

It was rented and then bought by one of our local students, who has recently upgraded to a Morwenna Rose Performance Harp, trading this harp in as she did. She paid to have partial levers put on the F, C and B strings, which enables changing between the major keys of C, D, F and G, which covers a lot of folk music.

The shape at the end of the neck/top of the pillar was meant to look like they had been made separately and glued together by a self-conscious harp maker who thought that “that’s what harps are meant to look like”.

We changed the design a few months after this, drawing on Hannah and Charlie’s experience.

It has a bright, lively tone and a beautiful danish oil finish, which has darkened slightly over time.

Would have been £585 new without the levers, which were an extra £165 (total £750).

The soundboard is made from aircraft birch plywood, so-called because of its use in aeroplanes due to its very high strength to weight ratio. This means that 3mm of wood can bear a high string tension, which in turn makes the notes ring beautifully. A thinner soundboard resonates better with the strings.

Harp Dimensions

  • Height 100cm
  • Depth 63cm
  • Width 25cm
  • Weight 4.8kg

12 month warranty included

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