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Sharon Rich first hired one of our Morwenna Rose harps and signed up for our super simple online course 3 years ago.  We recently interviewed her to find out about her experience and to share and celebrate her achievements.

What musical experience did you have before you started learning the harp?

Before learning to play the harp I had hardly any musical experience apart from recorder lessons as a young child. (A very long time ago!)

What made you decide that you wanted to learn it?

I love music – many different types, and came to a point where I wanted to learn how to play an instrument. It had to be acoustic and something portable.  I am Cornish and have Celtic ancestry. I love the way the harp sounds, and how it appears so often in art and history.

How much time each week did/do you practice? Do you manage to play consistently every day/week, or does it go in phases around the other things that are going on in your life?

I play the harp most days.  Some days it could be an hours practice, some days just 10 minutes .  I really depends on my my mood and what time I have available. My harp is in pride of place in the main living room, so when I walk past its very easy just to quickly have a little practice. I also love playing the harp outdoors.

Why did you choose video learning over other methods? What pros and cons have you found it to have had?

After a fair amount of research, video learning seemed (and was)  the perfect solution.

Harp teachers are hard to come by and usually some distance away. Travelling for me is time wasted when I could be learning.

The video lessons are so convenient. I can learn when it suits me and can replay the lessons as many times as I like.  I love the fact that I can refer back to previous lessons if I want to.

If I have any queries help is always available.

I think the only thing I may have benefited from on occasion would be playing with others and socialising with people with the same interest.

Do you have any advice for someone just starting out on their harp journey?

My advice to anyone just starting their harp journey is just try it. Life is too short for what ifs. This course has made it possible for me to learn something I otherwise would have thought was out of reach.  I was able to hire a harp until I decided to buy one, and the monthly payments made everything manageable

3 years in 2 minutes

Watch Sharon go from complete beginner to accomplished harper.

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Personal feedback from our friendly tutors

The 3 years in 2 minutes video was compiled from videos that Sharon uploaded to her Hands on Harps members area to ask us for help and feedback on her playing as she learned.  This unique feature of our online course is available to anyone who is subscribed and enables you to upload videos of your playing, like Sharon did, so that one of our friendly tutors can help you with any problems you are having with your harp playing.

Below, we have included one of the videos that Sharon uploaded from each year in the video.   We think it shows how brilliantly she progressed to become the accomplished harper she now is!

Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

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