Here are some of the kind words we’ve had back from customers via email, shared with their permission.

“…Playing the harp has bought me so much joy, and has also helped me to strengthen my shoulder after an injury.

I really can’t thank you both enough! My harp journey started with you, something I never thought possible. I will always remember the harp you sent me, and will always sing your praises when someone asks how I learned to play. “

Natasha Ononiwu (2019)

“I think it’s great! I’m so happy to have found you. I live in Memphis. I have not been able to find a teacher.😞!  This is broken down and presented with me in mind. I’m 54 and have not until this year, EVER TOUCHED A HARP! The affordability is wonderful as well. Just an EXCELLENT IDEA👍. I am learning.🤗 I hope to be able to play therapeutically someday…”

Venus Hardaway (2019)

“I received my Morwenna Rose harp as a (50th) birthday present from my wife Ali at Christmas. Just to say it’s a delight and thanks for making such a beautiful instrument. It holds its tune well and sounds and looks lovely.”

A Pinder (2018)

“By watching Morwennna’s elegant fingers a few times it is surprisingly easy to play simple tunes.

I do believe it to be the best online tuition available avoiding the very time-critical Skype option”

Philip Hamlin (2018)


“I would like to say what a wonderful learning program you have.

It works very well, well thought out, simplistic but at the same time enjoyable without overloading too much information on the brain and fingers.

The fingering, as with piano is vital at the beginning as there are no short cuts.”

S. Gallagher (2018)

“I just wanted you to know the harp arrived safely, is absolutely beautiful, and sounds amazing and my husband is really, really thrilled with it and is playing as I type 😊”

Sally H (2017)

“I think the whole concept of Hands on Harps is wonderful, it fills a huge gap and makes learning to play so much more accessible as harp tuition is not readily available in many areas.”

L A Selby (2017)

“I just adore playing my harp. It has become part of my day and I feel so pleased with myself when I achieve a new piece. Good too, when I can’t sleep, as I will get up and play in the wee small hours.”

Gill Turtle (2017)

“I just want to say a huge thank you for the harp loan.  The harp is beautiful and has a wonderful bright sound. 

With string tension similar to her Lyon and Healy, this was a great way to casually practice while on holiday.

The lessons were phenomenal, the teaching style encouraged the best from my daughter.”

T Button (2017)

“The course is really good for beginners and I like that you don’t have to read music from the very beginning. ”

D Kruck (2017)