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Matt has written this blog post entirely from his general knowledge to teach you about other types of harp.

An auto harp is a small harp on its side with buttons that when pressed mute the unwanted strings. This means that when the auto harp is played, it is the right chord for the corresponding button. Famous users include June Carter and Sandra Kerr.

A jaw harp, also known as a jews harp or mouth harp, is most commonly made of metal placed in the performers mouth and the reed is hit to produce a sound that is changed by moving the shape of the mouth. Breaths and humming can also change the pitch and tone of the note produced by the jaw harp. Notable performances include Roger Daltrey playing a jaw harp in the song Magic Bus.

Blues harp is a cousin of the jaw harp. It is a harmonica played in a specific style. Blues harp concentrates more on the draw stroke of the harmonica shanties and Irish harmonica is based more on the blow. Blues harp is played by Sonny Boy Williamson, John Magill and to a certain extent Mick Jagger in the early Stones stuff.

Floss harps are not actually musical instruments, they are a dental care item used for cleaning between teeth where a normal toothbrush cannot reach. Floss harps should be used to maintain a healthy mouth and remove plaque building bacteria. It is important not to use a sawing motion as this can damage the gums; an up and down motion is preferred. Proponents of the floss harp include dentists and dental hygienists.

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