For those of you looking at our course and wondering what it is you could learn through these videos, here is a snippet of what you learn towards the end of the first year. We give our subscribers these songs broken down into small manageable sections, and over the course of 2 separate months they learn these two Irish jigs.

Planxy George Brabazon

Planxty Irwin


How can someone go from a complete beginner to being able to play both of these tunes, and many others, in just a year? Well each week is a new set of videos, completely broken down into small parts. By tackling each small part one at a time, with a bit of patience and work (we reckon about 3 hours practice time a week is enough for most people, but it varies from person to person) you can learn these songs. Slowly at first, but faster and more accurately over time. This is what the first section of Planxty Irwin looks like:

And this is what someone who has spent less than an hour trying to get to grips with the piece looks like: