Here are some of the kind words we’ve had back from customers via email, shared with their permission.

“I LOVE your course, I am learning so much and it is perfectly suited to my learning style. I never thought I would learn to play an instrument and my dreams are coming true with the harp!”  

Sara Quinn (again) (2021)

“Hi, my name is Sara Quinn and I have been taking your course for five weeks. I LOVE IT!  It’s just what I was looking for, it’s just the right amount each week so that I can make progress but not get overwhelmed and I love how you teach it. I am just so grateful to yall.”

Sara Quinn (2020)

“It is so beautiful and sounds amazing. The levers are so easy to use too. I love it so much.

It is going to drive me to catch up where I was and learn as quickly as possible to play the music it deserves.”

Sarah M (2020)

“It has indeed been an unusual year, lockdown was made a lot more pleasurable having my harp to practice on.

I am thoroughly enjoying the course, I think it is a wonderful way to learn at your own pace, Morwenna and Ellie make the lessons easy to follow. I still have a long way to go but I endeavour to carry on playing until I reach week 156 some day.

I think Hands On Harps tuition is a wonderful way to learn and your philosophy that anyone young or old is able to play music on the harp a fantastic motivational statement.”

Carole E (2020)

“I cannot thank you enough for starting me on my harp playing journey. I’m loving it.”

Carrie R (2020)

“I have also been tuning and playing the levered Morwenna Rose harp as often as I can – I’ve fallen in love with her! It’s the best harp I could afford.”

Scarlett from New Zealand (2020)

“I am so pleased I chose your business for my harp and I am loving the online course.”

R Millington (2020)

“Hi Creag,

Thank you so much. Feeling excited after last night’s first practice with some of the lessons. I am so delighted by your teaching approach… feels so much more natural and accessible. Wonderful to feel inspired again!! Thank you from me and my harp!

With best wishes”

Jacqui (2020)

I have just started using your online lessons and I find them perfectly easy to use-very clear and it helps how slowly you are taken through the steps.”

Ella K (2020)

“Playing the harp is something I had always dreamed to do but was always discouraged as it can be an expensive hobby. Your company allowed me to try the harp, and make my dreams a reality. I absolutely love playing, and I struggle to remember a time where the harp wasn’t in my life. My only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner!….”