Here are some of the kind words we’ve had back from customers via email, shared with their permission.

Thank you very much for everything, it was so exiting to discover this beautiful instrument and you made it really easy to understand it step by step! 

Cécile Puljer (2023)

“Creag, Morwenna and the team have given me a splendid harp which sounds wonderful, plays really well and looks lovely, and the online lessons which I can also keep for good are equally tremendous.

The amazing value and high quality workmanship and tutelage provided by HOH is truly heartwarming and I recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality harp plus teaching at very reasonable prices”

Mark Hampson (again) (2022)

I am really enjoying connecting with my new harp, it’s so very beautiful.

I’ve wanted to play the harp since I was 8 years old, my parents however convinced me to play the flute instead and so it really is a dream come true to now be learning this beautiful instrument, my inner child is very happy!

Lizi Rayner (2022)

“I just love my harp, which arrived on Monday this week. I don’t think I have ever been so excited to see a delivery van!”

“I should be delighted to have you use my words as a testimonial – I think you are doing a great job at bringing happiness to amateur musicians in these difficult times! I always wanted to learn the harp – and I think your company makes that wish come true in an accessible and affordable way!”

“P.S. If it helps in any way when you add my testimonial, I taught music for over 20 years to special needs children who suffered with autism and other learning difficulties – so I know how important it is to have accessible music for everyone, whatever their age or ability!”

Janice Osborne (2022)

“We are loving the new harp. It sounds really good and it’s fun to play.”

Sonia Gooderham (2022)

“Beautiful harp, beautiful people:
beautiful decision I made there,
and worth every penny too”

Mark Hampson (2022)

“My harp was delivered safely last Thursday as promised so thanks very much for that.

Having had it a week I‘m happy to tell you I am delighted with it.”

Dan Gormley (2022)

“Just a quick email to thank you so much for my lovely harp!
I’ve only had it for 3 days, but am already smitten!

I’m loving the online course, as well, and am well on my way to learning two songs.”

K Kaur(2022)

“Just to say thank you for my lovely harp. The sound is so beautiful and I can see already that the coloured strings will be such a help. Also, the new way of learning will be a big help.””

Susan Wood (2021)

“I’d like to buy the Rainbow Harp I’ve been hiring please – how do I go about paying and also stopping hire? I love the harp – and the children in the special school where I work love it too!! It’s so calming and enjoyable to play – not that I can play much yet but I’m working on it – and your videos with practice bits are useful, Thank you.”

Phillipa Philpott (2021)